• Bekah and John at the Holly Vault Chapel.

  • Engagement ring encircled by industrial gear.

  • The groom, Jason, adjusting his bowtie against a thick ivy wall.

  • Bride, Ashley, and her bridesmaids with bouquets.

  • Bride, Kaylee, laughing as she gets hair and makeup done.

  • Engaged couple, Allison and John, going in for a kiss underneath fall leaves.

  • Bride, Jordan, walking down a sun-kissed staircase to her groom.

I'm so much more than just your photographer.

  • I'm also your personal stylist to help you with your wardrobe
  • a family wrangler for those hyper kiddos and missing uncles
  • in a pinch, an amateur seamstress when your bustle breaks mid-reception
  • because nobody knows how, I'm a professional boutonniere pinner
  • also a stand-up comedian to get those natural, crinkly-nose laughs
  • and if I do my job right, you'll consider me a friend

your story deserves to be told authentically.

my philosophy