Ashley + Ryan | Ann Arbor Engagement Photographer

I hope that girl in the cute dress and bright lipstick is Ashley,” I thought to myself as I pulled up to Matthaei Botanical Gardens, because I was totally into her style. Lucky for me, it was her and she and Ryan were so nice when we met.

It was a hot summer day in Ann Arbor and these two drove quite a way for this beautiful garden backdrop and we were ready make our way through the beautiful maze of flowers and trails. As we found little pockets of flowers and shade, Ashley told me all about their wedding plans and more details about their Alice in Wonderland theme, including her handmade dress from Italy that was set to ship any day.

We walked for a long ways in the sun to find this labyrinth we kept seeing signs for. On our way there, we saw this pristine creek with a beautiful little spot for photos and I turned to ask them just how much they trusted me. Luckily for me, it was a lot and they took off their shoes and walked across the river for me. The labyrinth itself wasn’t worth the walk, but the photos by the creek ended up being my favorite photos of the day I think, though it’s hard to choose.

Their Alice in Wonderland themed wedding is in just a couple weeks and I am so excited to see all of the details I’ve heard about come together!

Photographer: Juneberry Media
Venue: Matthaei Botanical Gardens

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