Hilary and Jason, wedding portrait in Midland, MI.

Hilary + Jason | Midland Wedding Photographer

Hilary and Jason had a beautiful backyard wedding in August of this year. It was the perfect way to make sure they had a safe celebration and they had the perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony. Their ceremony was held at Jason’s parents’ home in Midland with their reception celebration at a local hall nearby.

Their two kiddos were so well behaved and had so much fun celebrating with their mom and dad throughout the day. They were great through family portraits even, which is always a challenge for even the calmest of children.

These two were so relaxed and had a genuinely great time at their wedding and it was so evident in their photographs. Part of what I love about this couple is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They allow themselves to have fun. It’s the one piece of advice I’d ask future couples to take from them; stop and enjoy the moment because it goes by so much quicker than you think it will.

That’s why your wedding photos are so important. They are the only way to relive your day, aside from video which I always suggest if your budget allows for it, especially during these unprecedented times.

Collage of Hilary and Jason's wedding day in Midland, MI.

Photographer: Juneberry Media

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